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        Funway Sterile Packaging Co., Ltd. has set up its physics laboratory and microbiology laboratory successively in 2013, which consolidated the foundation for the design, development, and manufacturing of sterile medical packaging. The laboratories set up special personnel to be responsible for experiments and management. They can issue experiment reports on initial contaminating bacteria, insoluble particles test reports, bacterial endotoxin test reports, tensile test report and etc. to category II and category Ⅲ medical customers. These testing instruments and related reports may not be mandatory for some customers, but Funway knows that: This is a kind of attitude and responsibility. For the retained samples, in addition to ensuring the traceability, the important responsibility of the laboratories is to conduct sample tests to check the aging situation, including but not limited to the tensile test, strength test, test on performance change after sterilization, and etc.
                                      独立样品房                                                            物理实验室                                  物理实验室