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Quality overview:
  Funway sterile packaging team deems that: the acquisition of various certificates is just proof of process and do not represent the results.Only continuous and effective insistence and stable quality of product delivery are the reflection of our team spirit.
  1. Starting from the base and small things.6S management activities have been promoted since 2006 till now, and have been an essential habit instead of forms. Funway’s philosophy in personnel employment and appointment, performance evaluation, organization planning and etc. has made undeniable contributions.
  2. Quality is the embodiment of standardization and system effectiveness. From the management manual to document control procedure and even to each work sheet, Funway’s perseverance in quality policy is fully embodied. In addition, Funway’s training and supervisory system are also creditable.
  3. Organization guarantee is the key. The deep reason that many Chinese enterprises couldn’t provide high quality is actually due to the bondage of the cultural system. The top management of manufacturing industry should be the first responsible person of quality. Any quality problem should be the the problem of leadership. Quality management requires all employees’ participation, and it’s very important for the top management to take the lead in participation.In order to ensure the realization of customer value, the separation and unity of management, supervision, and legislation formed by Funway’s rectangular structure contributes a lot. 
Since June 1, 2014, the supervision force in China’s medical apparatus and instruments industry is more and more strict. In the near future, the supervision of primary packaging will be standardized for sure. Only being strict is the true love and responsibility for end consumers. Far more than in China, as for in the American market, the FDA’s audit is fair and strict. If Chinese enterprises plan to enter the U.S. market, passing 510 (K) is only the first step. They will also need to face the FDA’s flight tests without any advance notice. For the manufacturers of key parts and components for medical apparatus and instruments, the FDA will also impose auditing. Therefore, the hard blister box manufacturers for primary packaging of medical apparatus and instruments will also be the focus of inspection. Funway sterile packaging team is known for systematic and standardization, and has enough ability and confidence and detailed data to prove that our quality system is effective, and the packaging materials are safe and reliable. Funway, with quality as its marketing strategy, will help customers to develop more broader markets and jointly create a better future.
                 ISO9001:2008                                          ISO14001:2004                               净化房报告                                生物相容性报告
             质量管理体系认证                                    环境管理体系认证
Quality commitment:
   Funway is a sterile packaging manufacturer in medical apparatus and instruments. As its top management, we hereby make this solemn commitment: Our quality policy is to pursue excellent quality with persistence and mindfulness, ensure safety of the process with the spirit of morality and law, and achieve customer satisfaction with simple and practical methods. We deeply believe that every product we manufacture is likely to be used in our family members, and we will not be able to survive without a loving heart. Therefore, we take honesty as the fundamental precept. Medical packaging materials include a wide variety, while primary packaging has been commonly recognized by medical industry as an important part of sterile medical apparatus and instruments, which must pass the ISO13485 and YY/T0287 quality system certifications with a guarantee of being continuously controlled and ensure successful manufacturing in one time according to the standard process. Year after year, doing our best in ordinary work every day is to achieve excellence. Therefore, we can do things right. Since July 2014, I have held a concurrent post as the management representative with the purpose to put our company's "quality marketing" strategy into practice, because to fulfill this commitment the top management can't be a hands-off boss. Ahering to our corporate culture of “Being a family, a school, as well as an army", our team stick to designing, manufacturing, and delivering goods from the perspective of end users, and are always conscientiously aiming at helping our customers in creating veritable sterile barrier system for end users.

     Interpretation of quality policy: pursue excellent quality with persistence and mindfulness, ensure safety of the process with the spirit of morality and law, and achieve customer satisfaction with simple and practical methods.

     D1 Under the guidance of correct value theory and fundamental philosophy, we have clear working guidance and boundless impetus. Mindfulness is the basic condition to guarantee product quality, which needs constant practice and gradual cultivation. Our colleagues well know that excellent quality is achieved little by little, and doing our best in every day is to achieve excellence. 
     D2 With morality and law as the basis, we adhere to the value theory of keeping good faith and doing things right to ensure safe and legal business process. We firmly believe that: moral strength is the powerful.

Measuring tools:
 表  面  电  阻  测  试  仪                                                     尘  埃  测  试  仪
                    千  分  尺  量  测                                                                 测  厚  规                          
      测  厚  仪                                                                  密  度  检  测  仪
        Funway Sterile Packaging Co., Ltd. has set up its physics laboratory and microbiology laboratory successively in 2013, which consolidated the foundation for the design, development, and manufacturing of sterile medical packaging. The laboratories set up special personnel to be responsible for experiments and management. They can issue experiment reports on initial contaminating bacteria, insoluble particles test reports, bacterial endotoxin test reports, tensile test report and etc. to category II and category Ⅲ medical customers. These testing instruments and related reports may not be mandatory for some customers, but Funway knows that: This is a kind of attitude and responsibility. For the retained samples, in addition to ensuring the traceability, the important responsibility of the laboratories is to conduct sample tests to check the aging situation, including but not limited to the tensile test, strength test, test on performance change after sterilization, and etc.
                                      独立样品房                                                            物理实验室                                  物理实验室