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       From July 23 to 25, the 5th (China) international medical equipment exhibition was hold in Binhai district, Tianjin city. This is a major medical-industry around bohai sea district.  Suzhou FUNWAY sterile packaging Co.,LTD also attended this exhibition as the important supplier of primary packaging and draw the attention of many visitors.



          Most of the visitors are the R&D engineers, one of the biggest concerns are the raw material choice , the circumstance control,the heat seal of the blisters and tyvek or dialyzing  papers, we all explained in details with patience. The past  five years is the period of the medical device rapid development period. The new draft regulations have make a halo around the medical industry , Where will the future of the medical industry ? This is a interesting topic.

         At this exhibition,we also put our new products to existing:Idelphin resistance antimicrobial. Its technology  is  come from Japan,can be used for body,clothing and surroundings sterilization. As the general agent in medical industry, FUNWAY have  tested for 6 months and verification. The test shows: in the Idelphin environment nobody fall the sick, also improve the germ-free level in the clean room, decrease the quantity of the initial contaminating bacteria on the products. Undoubtedly, it is became the focus in this exhibition. In the near future, it will go to many clean rooms and other workplace.