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Special working license

Update: 2015-05-24 21:53      View:
    In order to strength FUNWAY team spirit and working efficiency, from May 2015, every FUNWAY employee changed the special working license.
   Working license is the ID card for every employee, the highlight of the new working license is bonding with a small note book. As the saying goes ”Good memory is inferior to sodden ability to write”. Since own this working license, we can record the issues in the notes whether it is great or small. Like that we can remind ourselves all the time, deal with according the priorities and don’t forget anything, reduce the rate of mistakes and delay.
   This special small working card just like the ties to blend the employee’s executive force and the enterprise pursue tightly .It just like the mentor inspire the staff’s enthusiasm to finish the excellent job. In this way we----FUNWAY will gains a brilliant prospects.