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Declaration of Incorruptible Procurement in FUNWAY

Update: 2015-05-24 21:53      View:
    Since 2009, Suzhou FUNWAY Plastic Co.,LTD ( Suzhou FUNWAY sterile packaging CO.,LTD) announced “sunshine purchase”, rationalized the  relationships with our vendors, reduce the cost of the communication and purchasing, have obtained certain achievements. In order to strength our communication and cooperation with our supplier,lower the enterprises running cost continuously and improve our social credibility. Recently, we organized a very special Declaration ceremony about “ incorruptible purchase”, total 13 staff signed on the declaration.

     <Declaration of incorruptible procurement> pointed out our company all the purchasing activities should be constructed on the basis of mutual respect and equality and fair transaction, assure that we will always communicate with our supplier with the correct tunnel and manner to create a win-win situation.

From now on, we will regard the four elements “quality,price, delivery and after service” as the standard to assess our suppliers. Except this, we also consider the technical development,environmental policy and confidential information and so on. On other hand also definite what is the correct purchase activity, require purchase officer,marketing staff and RD engineers earnestly implement and practicable incorruptible procurement mind,create a positive environment .

Honest and Trustworthy,Clean and self-cultivation is the basis of social ethics and values for everyone. It is also very important for culture construction of enterprises. Only Be Honest and Trustworthy, clean and self-cultivation can earn respect and trust from the society.