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Laughter to greet the New Year

Update: 2017-01-18 14:44      View:
January 15th, 2017, funway group the spring festival party held as scheduled in Suzhou Tian ping hotel. The leader and employee from Suzhou funway and veryroad had a great night together.
In the party, dance, sketch, crosstalk and songs, we show the talent and energy.In the funway, talent and personality will be the largest interpretation and release, let enthusiasm become the power of follow dream.
Exceting sweepstakes link, the leadership and employee interacted, applause and cheers from time to time at the scene, everyone was happy and exciting.It’s very busy of Live version of the rush to grab a red envelope. Happy, harmonious of joy and fun make the party achieve orgasm.
Funway’ achievement in addition to the general manager, also cannot leave the members. So more than 20 awards were presented for the new and old employee. One year’s tireless and hard work purchased dream of honor and achievement.
The party coming to an end in the laughter, workers chorus “sleepless tonight” pushed the atmosphere of the party to a new height. In 2017, we should grateful the care of the company, united enterprising, hard work, and created success.