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China medical device packaging BBS to attend the 76th CMEF

Update: 2016-11-02 13:24      View:
The 76th china International medical equipment fair was held from October 29th to November 1st in Shenzhen. Different from the medical fair is  that the special packaging BBS is organized by CMEF organizing committee and china association for medical device industry medical devices packaging committee, many healthcare industry professionals attend the BBS. As china association for medical device industry medical devices packaging committee director unit, Funway sterile packaging was invited to the conference as a guest speaker unit, exchange experience, advantages and complement each other.
This BBS, Mr. Colin as the founder of Funway has been shared the speech about <Quality Evaluation of the Sterile Medical Devices Blister Packaging> on the basis of sterile medical packaging development trend and combined with the laws and regulations. Mr. Colin introduced how to define and evaluated the quality of sterile blister packaging from three aspects, let more people know blister packaging , to ensure the safety of the sterile barrier system effectively.
(the following is a part of this presentation PPT)

In addition to the Funway sterile packaging,  companies like Shanghai DuPont, Suzhou Oliver-Tolas, also brought wonderful speech, to promote and standardize medical packaging industry’ healthy development.