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●  Core values: Be Credible, Be Right
Honesty and credibility, honor first, all over the world as a family.

● Enterprise spirit:
Respect life,  sustained and effective, Seek Excellence


● Enterprise vision:

Concentrated,sustained,stronger,to be the model of China's manufactoring industry.

●“ San Ru”Culture:

                          As family                                          As schools                                     As the army

Employee faith
1、Conservation is going backward and reform leads progress.
2、Strategy is the method and direction; implementation force is the power and speed. The two are equally important.
3、The secret to be successful without talent:time、 effort、cautious of being alone、patienc、and selflessness.
4、Practice and possess the integrity: integrity means the correct thoughts and idea. All human activities depend on their thoughts, kind or evil, lost or realized, filthy or pure. The way of life sometimes changes just because of an idea. Therefore, we should keep thinking and maintain our integrity.
5、Serve by heart rather than words. The completion of the sale is the beginning of services.
6、Mutual benefit is the eternal management rules of Funway
7、The complex will be simple if you can think from the view point of others.
8、It is more important and effective to play a person's advantages than to correct his disadvantages.
9、Create a team of learning is to allow the ordinary people to do extraordinary career.
10、The four clever methods of work:  ① Work are all important;  ② Attitude is the competitiveness;  ③ Passion is the soul of the work;  ④ Work happily is also a kind a life.
11、The successor finds methods and the loser finds excuse.
12、All aspects of the company management are important, but the core is the company strategy according to which other works will be carried out.
13、Face the music and be mindful of possible adversities. Continuous improvement is our eternal work attitude.
14、Direction ensures the team strategy, innovation ensures the team vitality and speed ensures the achievement of the goals.
15、The company culture may not change you, but it will certainly influence you.
16、Keep the attitude of “All of what we do today is the best”, then we can keep continuous improvement.
17、Only the problem is no longer a problem, you can keep the vitality of yourself and organization
18、How wide the mind is ,how big the business makes.Loving others is just to love yourself.
19、I can change, you can change too, all of us can change.Only changing with the times can keep young.
20、It’s the guarantee to do the right things adopting PDCA method constantly.
21、Treat colleagues like the trust in the family,treat problems like the efforts in the school, treat tasks like the execution in the army. 
22、80% of the problems come from the people, and the main method to solve them is to communicate.
23、Preparedness ensures success and unpreparedness spells failure. It’s  our work’s starting point.
24、Sometimes we are not happy,because we care about too much.Care less, happy more.
25、The person who does the ordinary job well each day is not a ordinary one.
26、If you can’t reach the excellent, you can at least be the excellent pursuer to pursuit the excellence with the passion.
 27、 Build the effective Funway, Promote the innovative Funway, Construct the green Funway.
28、 Armed mind in the spirit of Liang Jian, Accomplish the mission in the spirit of completion of a task.
29、 There is no problem which can not be solved, but you did not figure it out.
30、 Attention a little more, problem a little less.
31、 Work is a kind of habit, but also a responsibility. Less complaint, more bear.
32、 When work is a pleasure, life is joy! When work is duty, life is slavery.  
33、 Action is the beginning of success, Waiting is the source of failure. 
34、 Individual obeys team, small matters subject to the general situation. No pains, no gains.
35、 Say good-bye to the conventional yesterday. Shake hands with regular today,Step into the innovative future. 
36、Support each other to overcome challenges, solidarity and cooperation to create a better future.
37、 Treat the job as a career to operate, tomorrow starts from right now.
38、 Only confident can turn the possibility into reality.
39、 Learning can not change your yesterday, but can change your tomorrow.Complain can not change the essence of things, only make you negative and pain.
40、 Setting ambitious, doing little things, reach the success step by step.
41、 The success of a team is the success of manager who dares and does well in finding and cultivating his employees.
42、Market is full of opportunity,but innovation is as pioneer.Business is endless,but the credit is as the boat. 
43、Collaborative shared, improving mental models. Innovation and breakthrough, striving to go beyond yourself.
44、Plan is the best guarantee for the time, Time is a solid foundation for the efficiency, Efficiency is the optimization master for the action,Action is the only way to success.
45、 No grumble, no complaint.Positive initiative, improvement.
46、 Never leave today's work for tomorrow. Never delay the work from me.
47、 There is no road which can not go through in the world,only the things thinking impassably. 
48、 Believing in cause and effect: No pains, no gains.
49、 Don’t only think about the persistence when you see the hope, but when you persist then you can see the hope.
50、 Different attitude creates different life.